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Sunday Pins

25 Mar

Happy Sunday everyone.  It’s been a long weekend.  Which followed a long week.  Sigh.  I need a long vacation.  But with three major events coming up and my new side project, this is definitely not in the cards for me.  So my pins today are mostly just things that I want. And might buy. Because I can make almost any purchase seem reasonable.  It’s a skill really.

Want, want, want.  This is from Nautical Luxuries. Even the name makes me happy. A steal for $170!  Right? Uh, right?

Ava needs this in her life.  My husband has tried to enforce an owl ban in the house, because I’ve gone a bit overboard (so he says,) but this is so precious I’m sure he will forget.

Here’s the thing.  Steve Madden hates women.  No, he hasn’t said that anywhere, but I swear its true.  Either the shoes fall apart or they are incredibly uncomfortable.  But you can’t deny the fact that the guy makes a cute shoe.  I love these. My closet is starting to look like a Navy uniform, so what’s a little more? My favorite boots are Steve Madden. I’ve had to take them in to be resoled once already and it cost almost as much as the boots themselves, but they are my favorite and I will not hesitate to do it again.  Curse you Steve Madden.

Get in my life. I name you Grey Wind.  That’s right. I name all of my purses.  We have a special relationship. I had to put Hamptons out to pasture this season so I’m in need of a new summer go-to bag.


The husband took the child to his folks so I could have a few hours to myself this afternoon. I’m popping in Moonstruck in about five seconds.  It’s that kind of day.  Bella Luna.






Sunday Pins

2 Jan

Happy New Year everybody.  I planned on posting this when I got up today, but we did end up hitting the town last night with some friends, so my morning was less productive than usual.  It’s perfectly acceptable to just not get out of pajamas all day, right?  Here are my pins of the week:

This is kind of a vision of mine for a few years down the road.  I know Ava and her basset will be in love with each other. We’ve already tentatively named him (Wilford Brimley,) but at that point Ava may want some say in the naming process.  So we’ll see.

My husband just told me that he has never read Peter Pan.  Sigh.  I am the only lover of the classics in this household I’m afraid.  So far anyway. But I am a little in love with this Peter Pan shadow. I wonder if it would creep Ava out at this point.

I am doing this ASAP. They are just tuna cans.  Ava loves tuna, so the cans will be easy to collect.  And then I’m going to hang them around my patio fence.  Backyard ambiance anyone?

I hit the mall (childless this time) in search of these boots, but no one had them in my size. Curse you Steve Madden! I suppose it means that everyone has them and I don’t want them anyway.  Or so I will keep telling myself.




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