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Sunday Pins

4 Dec

Happy Sunday everyone. I’m off to meet my boss and a co-worker at the stadium for the football game. Should be interesting.  But here are my pins for the week.  In the spirit of the holidays they are all things that I would love Santa to leave under our Christmas tree. You know, for moi.

I’m pretty sure that Alexander McQueen is not in Santa’s budget this year, but there’s always next year, right?  I love the rock and roll vibe to this.

These lovelies are in Santa’s budget however.  My hubby loves all things aquatic and has taken a liking to these as well. Hooray! They can be found here:

I love her peacock stockings too.

Happy Christmas Harry.  I love the vintage take on this.  If Ava were older it would be much easier to incorporate Harry Potter items into the decor at home.  As it stands it might be tricky.  But I love this all the same.

I played multiple instruments as a kid.  I was a total band geek.  Actually, I was a band geek that did not want to be a band geek.  Whatever. Whether you were a geek or not, this picture would look great in any music lovers living room. Even better if you actually know a musician that could take your favorite song and do it for you.


Secret Santa

17 Nov

It’s that time of year again and I’ve been searching high and low for gifts for this year’s secret santa with the girls.  Have you ever gotten a crappy secret santa gift?  I think we all have.  I once worked in an office that was pretty terrible. So every year I try to be a little creative.  Why waste your money on something that no one wants? We generally have a no gift-card rule.  Gift cards aren’t any fun anyway.  I just think its nicer if you put a little thought into it.  Here are some cute gifts I’ve found for $30 or less.  I may or may not have purchased one of these bad boys already.

I love these guys and they are only $10.  Head to the grocery store and grab the cookie ingredients, throw it all in a cute bag and you’ve got a creative (and usable) gift.

Sephora is kind of a no-brainer for the ladies. As is nail polish. This set is $28 and perfect for the holidays.

As much as it pains me to link to an Urban Outfitters gift (see here for clarification:  ) but these are really cute.  It’s $4 over the limit, but I feel like the $4 might be worth making someone happy.

I love these guys.  $29 and VivaTerra is all about green living.  What’s not to like?

I have one of these at home, although this one is a bit nicer than mine.  These are great at keeping your necklaces untangled.  $29

Cable knit hat from the Gap.  Cute, yet practical for $30.

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