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Christmas Aftermath and new traditions

27 Dec

Well Christmas has come and gone and I hope everyone survived.  We actually had a fairly low-key holiday. My dad was well enough to come and looked really great, so I am a happy camper. But this child of mine got SO much stuff.  I don’t even know how to describe how much stuff she got, except to say that I actually took some toys and hid them in a closet for a later date.  Three kids lap-tops and three keyboards, really?  Between Santa, my parents, the in-laws and friends (plus my sister’s friends!) Ava made out like a bandit.  I want Ava to have everything of course, but I also do not want to have a spoiled terror running around.  I grew up with some of those and still know some, so that is just not happening.  I am on vacation this week so Ava and I are going to go through her toys and pick some to give away to kids less-fortunate.  But I don’t want to give to the typical Goodwill or Salvation Army.  It turns out that most organizations will not take used toys however, so I’m still searching for the best place.  It looks like a church might be our best bet. Or the Humane Society, but they resell the items and the money helps support the animals.  While I like animals more than most people, I was interested in the toys going directly to children.  It looks like I need to do more research.  If anyone has any ideas/suggestions for the DC Metro area, please send them my way!

I’m hoping to make this a yearly tradition and teach Ava early that she can and should help others that are less fortunate.




Christmas Countdown

19 Dec

Well, we are a mere six days away from Christmas, I didn’t take any time off this week and I still have yet to finish my shopping. Good one. I just haven’t been able to snap out of my holiday reluctance this year. We went to the mall this weekend to take Ava to see Santa and I swear I would have freaked out if one more person had bumped into me.  I’ve always been a bit claustrophobic in crowds but it seems to be getting worse.   In fact, all of my little idiosyncracies are getting worse. I might be turning into Larry David. That or I’m being inhabited by the ghost of Andy Rooney.

I see the resemblance.

And let’s just say her visit with Santa didn’t go so hot.  I ended up in the picture as well.  So I am dreading going back to the mall. I managed to get a lot of stuff online but I waited so long I ended up paying an arm and a leg for expedited shipping , so I’ve got to bite the bullet and get out there. Plus, I have found myself just goofing around online looking at stuff like this:

Why are his shorts bunched up his butt? Who thought this was ok?  Someone at Nordstrom was feeling saucy I think.

I bought the best present for Ava of course. She’s two and won’t remember this Christmas and I probably would’ve saved a pretty penny and bought her a book or something, but look at this beauty:

I wish this was my kitchen.

I figure if I’m also going to be stuck playing with it, I better like it too.

Ho Ho Ho

29 Nov

Thanksgiving has come and gone, so I am ready to embark on the holiday season in all its sparkly glory. I ventured into our scary attic and pulled everything out, so the decorations are up. Last week I was grumbling about Christmas music being played too early this year, but I successfully avoided it and am now listening to pretty much these three songs on repeat.  So while I’m at it, I’d like to talk about how amazing these videos are (well, two out of three anyway:)

There are so many awesome happenings in this video.  The first one is obvious: NICE SWEATERS. My favorite part is the epic 80s dinner party.  These people have sparklers in the cake and its not the 4th of July.  Genius!  I love when George Michael’s ex-girlfriend casually brushes her hand across the brooch on her jacket, foreshadowing the the upcoming flashback scene.  Because ten seconds later  they flashback to last Christmas when he gives her his heart….and that fabulous flower brooch.  For those of you that may have wondered how anyone could possibly not know that George Michael was gay, take a second look.  They ALL look like him.   Also, if you skip to 2:18, you may agree with me when I say that I think those girls are like 16. I think the one on the right may have braces.

*If anyone is able to replicate that brooch, or know someone who has, please let me know ASAP.  This is very important.

Ok, so this video is clearly the one that I was referring to that does not classify as amazing.  Everything Mariah does is pretty cheesy (or just bad) but this video is less brutal than usual. It’s probably the puppies.  Or maybe it’s because she’s actually wearing a fair amount of clothing.  But I think it’s actually because the song is so good.  As soon as I hear this song every year I get so excited.  Ava loves it now too.

And my personal favorite:

Forget super committees.  Let’s get back to charity super-groups instead. And look – its George Michael again! The best thing in this video is obviously the hair.  There are some serious haircuts in here.  Bono’s haircut alone makes me stop and stare. He looks like he’s got some sort of animal in there.  And if you skip ahead (you know you love this song too much to skip ahead) to 3:38 why don’t you hit pause and take a gander at the skunk-like number that guy is sporting.

And look at Sting.  Just look at him.  There is nothing in this world hotter than 1984 Sting.  Not sure if I could deal with current Sting (too much talk about tantric sex,) but I would go back in time in a heartbeat for that. He is just so cool.  But poor Paul Weller must have been in a bad mood.  He was the only one that looked like he wasn’t having any fun.  Perhaps he was pissed Simon LeBon got a solo and he didn’t. Now, if anyone can tell me who the guy with the really cool braid is in the back, I would greatly appreciate it.

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