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Something I’ve learned

10 May

Men are clueless.  That’s clearly nothing new.  But I find that I am continually underwhelmed for certain events/holidays throughout the year.  I like to play the “oh, I don’t need anything”  or “don’t get me anything” game.  And you know what?  I don’t get anything.  And then my feelings are hurt and I’m angry, but it’s not really fair to be angry because he’s actually just followed what you said.  I know you want to think that they should know better, but they don’t (I know I’m making a generalization here, so if you don’t have this problem, congratulations.) Pretending that you don’t want anything to avoid sounding like a brat, or pretending like you don’t care when you actually do is stupid.  It has taken me 29 years to realize that this game gets you nowhere.  So perhaps I am the one who’s clueless after all.  Just tell them what you want.  You’re not a brat.  You work hard everyday (not that they don’t) and you deserve to be treated to something to something special once in a while.  And while we’re on the topic, if you think they’ve forgotten to make a reservation, they probably have.  It’s better to remind them the day before then wait and see the next day and be pissed off.

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