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Sunday/Monday pins

12 Mar

A day late and a dollar short it seems.  But last week was so nuts.  Ava was really sick and I kept her home for a few days only to come back to work to further bathroom offenses.  Friday night I went to the Black Keys/Arctic Monkeys concert with some people from work (more on that later,) spent Saturday with my family, went to the St. Patrick’s Day parade with the in-laws and a two year-old who still isn’t 100% well on Sunday, and now I can toss in Daylight Savings so I’m pretty much done over here.  I won’t pretend that I’m not looking a little worse for wear this morning. One of the other mothers at daycare (who I’m already not terribly fond of) said to me “oh, are you on vacation today?” The only thing I could respond with was “no, this is just what I look like today.” So, here are my pins from last week a bit late.  Playing catch-up over here.

I love these colorful knobs.  They would look really cute on a kid’s white dresser.  The pin led me to her Etsy shop Sweet Mix Creations. I love the light switch plate cover.

There was no link with this one, but its pretty easy to do.  Put a glow stick in the balloons before blowing them up.  These would be awesome for night parties.

Speaking of parties, how cute are these tissue chandeliers? I really want to make these. Is it too early in the season to plan a bbq?


This dress has my name all over it.  Want.

But the best part of last week was my mini-me feeling better!


Sunday Pins

29 Jan

It appears as though Valentine’s Day is upon us. Every year it sort of sneaks up on me. For the record, Valentine’s Day is not a big deal to me.  And I’m not just the girl who says that.  It really isn’t.  We’ll go out to dinner this year, but we’re taking Ava with us. No big deal.  I told my husband that if he wanted to buy me anything this year, he could hire a maid to come clean the house.  I came home Friday and was already cleaning all of the bathrooms yesterday.  Sigh. I do however like Valentine’s Day decor.  And because I was such a slacker at Christmas this year and didn’t do Christmas cards, we are sending out Valentine’s Day cards with a new picture of Ava in it.  And here are my Valentine’s Day pins:

Cheesecake brownies.  Yum.  And these look really easy to make.  Instructions are here:

Although, is it just me, or do they look a little like raw meat? Maybe I’m just crazy.  But it may end up being a deterrent for me in the end.

I’ll have to make these for my husband for breakfast.  He’s nuts over those silly canned cinnamon rolls.  And these are an easy treat.

As much as I love Ava, I almost think it would be more entertaining to just send these cards out.  I’m going to print some out on card stock and send a few to my friends I think. Thank you for being a friend.

Now, what I would really like to do is have a little Valentine’s Day party.  But I don’t have time to pull anything together.  Not to mention that they still haven’t finished our floors and probably won’t for another two weeks.  But here is some party decor inspiration in case you plan on having one.


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