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Back to work. Joy.

4 Jan

I went back to work yesterday after being off for ten days. I don’t think I need to tell anyone that this was slightly difficult. But besides the usual getting back into the routine difficulty, Ava threw a tantrum the size of King Kong when we got to daycare.  She did not want me to leave her again. Not at all. I got in my car and cried I felt so badly about it. Today of course she was fine and happy to go and see her friends, but sheesh yesterday was unreal. She kept screaming about how she wanted to go to work too.  Which is actually slightly hilarious because she thinks that work is a magical place where everyone gets to go but her.  That and the gym.  I could tell her my husband is anywhere and she still says “No, Daddy went to gym” and pouts as if I were lying to her.  “Gramma at gym?” “Mimi at work?”  I tried to explain to her that grown-ups go to the gym to exercise and now she copies my exercising at home.  Check out the form on these crunches:


Now, if only I could get abs of steel. At least I did really go to the gym last night.


Last lesson of 2011

30 Dec

I learned a valuable lesson today. The same lesson I have already learned several times over.  Newsflash: taking your two-year old shopping is NOT a good idea.  I don’t care if she’s good in the grocery store.  I don’t care if she’s been a princess all week and listened to your every word for days.  Once you step foot in that mall, it’s a free for all.  Does your two-year old want to sit in a dressing room while you try on clothes? “Ava, how does this look? Do you like this one?”  No dude. Sometimes my brain packs its bags and takes off for some R&R and leaves me behind with ridiculous thoughts.  I don’t quite know what I was thinking this morning but it obviously did not go so hot.  The first store was fine actually and I did manage to make it through one dressing room fitting.  But from there on it was baby on the floor with legs in the air every 10 minutes until we made it out the door. I am not a patient person everyone.  But somehow I manage to keep my cool with her.  I just let her have her fit right in the middle of the mall.  I honestly could give a crap less what anyone else thinks.  She needs to get it out or it’s not going to get better.  Typically anyway. But today was a special sort of day.  The kind of day that I was not going to win.  I eventually just picked her up and marched back out the door.

All I know is that Momma needs new clothes, she got a bigger bonus than she was expecting, and somebody’s husband is staying home while I hit the mall tomorrow.  Happy New Year to me!

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