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Swap It To Me

23 Feb

Over the past year I have signed up to attend every clothing swap event I could find.  I have things in my closet that have never even been worn.  Thanks for thinking that dress might fit me mom, but it’s been awhile since I was a size 4.  And it has not been post-baby, that’s for sure.  God love her for still thinking that of me though. Oh, it was a final sale? No problem.  It will look great in my closet. I will however, be back into a size-6 by May. There I wrote it, so it has to come true, right?  I gain a dress size every winter (sometimes two.)  I don’t know when I will learn.  Winter does not mean sit on the couch and eat cookies every night.  Because then spring comes around and I have to work twice as hard.  But I digress.

I sign up for these clothing swaps constantly because I love the idea of them, but I never actually get to one.  Either something comes up, or I’m just wiped out from the week and too tired to actually go. I used to put things on eBay once in a while, but I rarely got what my items were worth and then actually packing things up and mailing them got to be a bit much. $15 is not always worth the trouble. I donate stuff to Goodwill, but I don’t know how effective that actually is. Are my clothes doing anyone any good? I tried putting dvds up for sale, but no one wants to buy my dvds.  I don’t even want my dvds.  There’s nothing wrong with them, I’m just tired of them.  And with netflix, I don’t even need them.  So last week I discovered and I’m becoming slightly obsessed with it.  I’ve just starting listing my items.  My goal of getting rid of stuff is obviously not going to be accomplished here, but I can get rid of stuff and get stuff in return that I might actually want.  I’ve already made offers on several books. My husband and I are at the book store all the time, but this way I can just swap for new books and get rid of some that I won’t read again.  Our bookshelves are overflowing because we have been so unwilling to part with any of them. It’s time to come to terms with the fact that overflowing bookshelves do not make us look any smarter.  We just look like hoarders.

You obviously have to do some digging because people do list a lot of crap on here. It can be like an online thrift shop that way.  But once you find people who appear to have the same interests as you, you can follow them and when they add new items it shows up on your feed.  This is also a great place to trade kid stuff.

It’s certainly not for everyone, but I thought I’d share anyway for those people like me that are compelled to belong to anything and everything that turns up on the web.


Sunday Pins

15 Jan

So we had new floors installed yesterday and they only delivered material to complete half the job.  Genius, right? So our house is in complete disarray right now and I struggling to keep my cool about it.  There is literally stuff everywhere.  I think Ava and I are going to go out for a while so I can distract myself.  But first, here are my favorite pins for the week:

I am obsessed with this room.  Why can’t I have this room? I’m not sure I would ever leave.  Check out that Momento Morte picture above the fireplace. Awesome.

The Eye of London.  So lovely. I really want to go to London soon. My sister is going in the fall and I am pretty jealous.  I’d love to plot my way into that trip, but I’ve got my work trip next week and then another trip to California in a few months and I won’t be able to leave Ava again.  So I’ll just buy myself this fabulous scarf instead:

I have to have this.  I’m going to need an Alexander McQueen payment plan pretty soon.  I think I’ll hop on ebay and see if I can find this bad boy today. And while I’m at it, I’ll try to find this:

It’s hard to tell from this just how sheer the dress it, but I’ll in love with this outfit.  Minus the bag.

These were inspired by fandango.  I love them.  I think we’ll have to swing by the craft store when we go out today.

Happy three-day weekend to everyone!


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