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Christmas Countdown

19 Dec

Well, we are a mere six days away from Christmas, I didn’t take any time off this week and I still have yet to finish my shopping. Good one. I just haven’t been able to snap out of my holiday reluctance this year. We went to the mall this weekend to take Ava to see Santa and I swear I would have freaked out if one more person had bumped into me.  I’ve always been a bit claustrophobic in crowds but it seems to be getting worse.   In fact, all of my little idiosyncracies are getting worse. I might be turning into Larry David. That or I’m being inhabited by the ghost of Andy Rooney.

I see the resemblance.

And let’s just say her visit with Santa didn’t go so hot.  I ended up in the picture as well.  So I am dreading going back to the mall. I managed to get a lot of stuff online but I waited so long I ended up paying an arm and a leg for expedited shipping , so I’ve got to bite the bullet and get out there. Plus, I have found myself just goofing around online looking at stuff like this:

Why are his shorts bunched up his butt? Who thought this was ok?  Someone at Nordstrom was feeling saucy I think.

I bought the best present for Ava of course. She’s two and won’t remember this Christmas and I probably would’ve saved a pretty penny and bought her a book or something, but look at this beauty:

I wish this was my kitchen.

I figure if I’m also going to be stuck playing with it, I better like it too.


Secret Santa

17 Nov

It’s that time of year again and I’ve been searching high and low for gifts for this year’s secret santa with the girls.  Have you ever gotten a crappy secret santa gift?  I think we all have.  I once worked in an office that was pretty terrible. So every year I try to be a little creative.  Why waste your money on something that no one wants? We generally have a no gift-card rule.  Gift cards aren’t any fun anyway.  I just think its nicer if you put a little thought into it.  Here are some cute gifts I’ve found for $30 or less.  I may or may not have purchased one of these bad boys already.

I love these guys and they are only $10.  Head to the grocery store and grab the cookie ingredients, throw it all in a cute bag and you’ve got a creative (and usable) gift.

Sephora is kind of a no-brainer for the ladies. As is nail polish. This set is $28 and perfect for the holidays.

As much as it pains me to link to an Urban Outfitters gift (see here for clarification:  ) but these are really cute.  It’s $4 over the limit, but I feel like the $4 might be worth making someone happy.

I love these guys.  $29 and VivaTerra is all about green living.  What’s not to like?

I have one of these at home, although this one is a bit nicer than mine.  These are great at keeping your necklaces untangled.  $29

Cable knit hat from the Gap.  Cute, yet practical for $30.

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