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Sunday Pins

18 Mar

I’ve been thinking about Easter quite a bit this week.  There’s a lot I want to make this year. But it all depends on where we are going.  With two families and one two-year old, holidays can be tricky.  We often have to celebrate two weeks in a row. My husband has two siblings that live in Texas and I’m the first-born so everyone wants to have Ava.  And then we often end up at my aunt’s house if we’re doing my side of the family and she’s a Martha Stewart type so I sometimes don’t bother doing anything if that’s the case. But here are my inspirational Easter pins.

I won’t lie to you.  I make an awesome deviled egg.  They get devoured every time.  But I hadn’t thought about using dyed eggs before.  I can’t understand why. It seems like a no-brainer.  So at the very least I’ll be making these.  I have a great egg platter that I am in love with.

This was done with crayons on still hot boiled eggs.  How easy is that? And they look really cute.  Here’s the tutorial that came linked with the egg:  I did something similar at Halloween and melted crayons over pumpkins. It was time-consuming, but the end result was pretty cool.

I gave up sweets for lent this year, so I will definitely be partaking in something delicious on Easter.  I’m actually going to try to stay off the sweets after that because it was embarrassing difficult to do.  But I am definitely having Easter cake.  The “nest” on this cake is actually made from chocolate shavings.

The might be the cutest placeholder ever. There is no tutorial linked with this, but it looks fairly simple. Clothespins, q-tips and construction paper. Voila.

And if someone do me a solid and bring me this bunny immediately, I would really appreciate it.  Really.


Sunday Pins

4 Mar

This week was super busy, but I always manage to find time for pinning.  Here is a random assortment of my favorites this week.

We all know that I don’t like cold, but this is amazing. I am dying to know who lives in there.  Or whether anyone lives in there at all. I couldn’t find any info linked with the pin. Who knows, maybe its photo-shopped. But I prefer to believe that someone awesome uses this as a weekend getaway.

We're going to need a bigger boat.

I’m really going to need a bigger house for all of the stuff I want to do.  How cool is this boat? I could entertain Ava for hours with this. So cute.


I really got a good chuckle at this. I can be a bit of a grammar snob. My biggest pet peeve is when people can’t determine the difference between “your” and you’re.” It happens more than one would think. The pin led me back to The Oatmeal, which is really a great site anyway. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that they have an entire set of hilarious grammar posters. Within the next thirty minutes I was ordering the set for the office. I am waiting for the frames to arrive and I’m hanging them up.  I’m that guy.

Does anyone recognize these shoes?   There is no link and I’ve fallen in shoe love. I really must have them.  If anyone knows where I can find these, please let me know.

Spring is upon us, so I’ve started my Easter pin board. I think this floral arrangement is so cute.  And easy, which we all know I love. For the record, I do not like Peeps.  I think they are gooey balls of gross.

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