22 Mar

Last weekend I wrote a blog and have since taken it down because someone I know took it as a personal attack. It had zero to do with him whatsoever but I took it down anyway.  In retrospect I wish I had left it up because it wasn’t an attack on anyone. Even my husband said he was disappointed in my decision to remove it.

This is my space for my thoughts and feelings. If I have to keep them guarded here then what’s the point? I’m not a mean-spirited person and I do not ever go out of my way to attack anyone. Unless of course you are Lindsay Lohan because I can’t seem to lay off that one.  Sorry Linds.

So if you  find yourself offended by any of my comments please just close the tab, because this is my blog. The internet is a big place. Read something else.


2 Responses to “Disclaimer”

  1. The Weekly Argus March 22, 2012 at 3:52 am #

    This offends me.

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