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Welcome To Earf

10 Feb

Welcome back to reality Whit.  While it would have been hilarious, you are not going to see the Maury Povich show.  You could not stay away from that last George R.R. Martin book for more than a week, no matter what you said.  You were also not able to go to a concert on a Wednesday night this week, even though they are one of your favs:

You must accept it.  Your body and mind only allow so much.  Instead you are staying at home with your nose in that book about dragons and fighting with Home Depot who are finally after a freaking month coming to drop off the wood to finish your floors this weekend.  You will not, however, be watching tv because your first grown-up 55 inch flat screen blew out after five months.  Really Samsung?  So I will be calling the Samsung tech for the 50th time because they have still not made an appearance.  No Xbox, no Yo Gabba Gabba, no Real Housewives, no fun for anyone.  This was our first major appliance in our home and I don’t think we can ever go back to a smaller tv.  We’re spoiled now.  My husband certainly won’t be able to blow up zombies, or whatever else he’s blowing up in those games of his on a regular tv now.

Speaking of my husband, he asked me this morning if the Spice Girls were ever coming to DC. So today is a weird day.  Maybe I’m not on Planet Earf after all.


The Results Are In!

8 Feb


I mentioned last week that I requested tickets to the Maury Povich Show. But it was really kind of a joke.  Today I opened my email to find this:


Hello this is Joe from the Maury Show Audience Department.  You are receiving this email because you requested free tickets.  You are only one step away from becoming a part of our studio audience!

Currently, we are offering tickets for:

Friday, February 9th

Thursday, February 16th

Thursday, March 1st


Simply reply with the date that works best for you and I will gladly send the tickets for the day of your choice.

Please note that if you are unable to attend one of the dates listed above you can visit at any time to request a future show date.

*If any of your information has changed since submitting your original ticket request (below), please indicate them in your reply.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Thank You,


DUDE.  I just got tickets to the Maury Povich show.  So now I’m stuck with the dilemma of actually going or not.  This would probably be the funniest thing I will ever in my life witness. I mean, have you ever seen that show?  Those people are unreal. But if it were not a paternity episode I would probably be disappointed. Not only that, but those are all Thursdays and they tape in Stamford.  Is this level of hilarity worth traveling 5.5 hours for?  I’d also have to take a day off of work.  I just don’t know.

The funniest part of all of this is that I am actually really torn over this.  Who am I?

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