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This Song Will Change Your Life

29 Mar

I was sick earlier this week and glued to my couch all day on Tuesday. I pretty much spent the entire day watching television because I couldn’t focus on anything else.  I sat and watched all of the past few weeks of SNL.  Yes, I realize that they aren’t that funny.  But it was that kind of day.  So I got to last week’s episode with Jonah Hill and The Shins.  And I just want to know whether it would kill The Shins to ever, just not sound like the Shins.  Sure, the entire band has been replaced and they’ve said they are going in a new direction, but I just don’t see it.  Still sounds like The Shins to me, except that they seemed to have switched from the acoustic to electric, which doesn’t do them any favors. Beyond that, the only real difference I hear are the lyrics, which are just more cliché.  Snooze.

I’m not trying to hate on them.  I’ve always liked them.  Never loved them, but liked them.  I just don’t get behind all of the hype they’ve always received. I haven’t listened to the new album yet and I will gladly take commentary from anyone that has and thinks its amazing.


Good song, but I’m still sitting in this dingy doctor’s office with a crazy person.



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