Creep of the Week

3 Mar

This week has been nuts. Trying to nail down the location for three upcoming events and my boss is back from a three-month sabbatical. So no more quiet time.  I have only stopped for things that really grab my attention. And one of those things were Putin’s campaign ads that were released.  We certainly didn’t need these to assure us of what a creep this guy is, but I was appalled all the same. There were five in all, but here are my two “favorites” in case you haven’t seen them yet. You can pretend for a minute that he won’t win his third term, but let’s be real here people.

Also, I have not taken leave of my senses.  I am aware that most of you (or all of you) do not speak Russian.  But you don’t need to speak the language to get the gist. Huffpo helps a little though:

The write-up in TIME was pretty good as well.




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