I Wanna Dance With Somebody

12 Feb

I am so sad about my namesake.  Why Whitney Houston, why??  I mean, I guess everyone could have guessed it after years of drug use, but I am still so sad about it.  They have not officially released the cause of death, but that’s my assumption. In a weird way, she’s always kind of been there.  I grew up listening to her because of my mother, and my bff Ryan and I used to listen to her while we played video games. That was actually a little weird and maybe I shouldn’t be mentioning it, but whatever.  Sorry Ryan.  But he loved the Bodyguard soundtrack and we would sit there and listen to it and play Sonic the Hedgehog on Sega.  And then never tell anyone else.  Adolescence is hard on everyone people.  My girlfriends and I had every song  committed to memory.  One of my best friends Diana used to belt out I Wanna Dance With Somebody. Like really belt it out.  We all used to laugh so hard.

I tried to read American Psycho in my early 20s.  It was the only book I have ever tried to read and not been able to get through.  Well written, but too gruesome for me. I’m a wuss that way. But the chapter about Whitney Houston is great. I think I will pull it out just to read the part where he talks about “The Greatest Love Of  All.”

Diana and I stole the line from Clueless when Dionne said that she and Cher were both “named after divas.”  But now my diva is gone! What am I going to do now?  I was much too old to actually be named after Whitney Houston of course. I was at least five before she made it big.  But I’m still going to pretend that I was anyway.

I just sent my husband to the store for wine.



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