You really like me!

16 Dec

What an awesome week I’m having (in the blog world anyway!) I just received my second Versatile Blogger Award, thanks to the incredibly funny From Nonsense to Momsense. This funny lady is an author, blogger, freelance writer, comedian, corporate speaker, filmmaker and mom.  So you can imagine just how excited I am that she picked me.  Please do yourself a favor and hop on over to her blog.

While I would love nothing more than to give a shout-out to some other fellow-bloggers, this is the second award I’ve received in one week.  Not that I like to toot my own horn of course.

But I’m afraid it would be repetitive to post the same list again.  You can find the original list here: . Also, if you hop over to Pooter & Booger’s Place who I awarded earlier this week, she posted a great list of bloggers.  I’m just checking them out myself, but I’m liking what I see on that list.


One Response to “You really like me!”

  1. Amiable Amiable December 19, 2011 at 3:43 am #

    I really like the name of your blog! This mommy needs a Chard, or a Shiraz, or … I don’t care … white or red is fine with me! Just hand it over! (Oldest son graduated from college yesterday … I’m still on the emotional roller coaster.)

    Renee over at Pooter and Booger’s Place is my idol! She has introduced me to some awesome blogs – yours included! Thanks for dropping by mine!

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