Goodnight Moon and Other SleepyTime Tales

10 Dec

I just came across ‘Goodnight Moon and Other Sleepytime Tales”  on HBO Family and it is terrific. Susan Sarandon reading Goodnight Moon almost made me cry it was so magical.  But I’m just that person.  And the kids are adorable.  “Sometimes I have scary dreams.  And sometimes I dream about wrestlers.” I highly recommend you guys check this out.  Although I try not to let Ava watch tv right at bedtime, so we watched during the day.  She loved it.

I also recommend that you teach your kids that dogs don’t have cell phones.  Every time I pick up the phone to call someone I have to stop and let Ava say hello or she freaks out.  She is so furious this morning that I won’t call Jake.  Jake  by the way, is my parent’s dog.  And both “dogs don’t have phones” and “dogs don’t talk” are unacceptable answers.  Good thing its pancake day.  Pancakes solve everything.


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