So you agree, you think you’re pretty?

31 Oct

We moved into our neighborhood  in May so we’re still fairly new.  We’ve made friends with the people on our block and met a great family with kids for Ava to play with.  Ava wants to stop and talk to everyone, so its hard not to meet people. But everyone else was not so friendly and I found myself in an entirely new experience.  The neighborhood Mom clique.  Apparently all the ladies here are bff and the group is full.  I had my first experience at the pool this summer.  One of them was nice enough and chatted with me for a few minutes while the kids played, but there was one horrible woman who wouldn’t even look in my direction.  I learned that the women all work from home, are all on the neighborhood committee together and pretty much just associate with themselves.  After a difficult discussion where I had to answer many questions about my job and schedule, I was dying for an escape.  But there is no getting Ava out of the pool, so I was stuck.  Turns out, my friend a few doors down experienced something similar.  So at least I’m not alone. But I don’t think I’ve felt like that since the 7th grade.

Yesterday was the neighborhood Halloween “parade.”  By parade I mean the kids march around the courtyard in their costumes while listening to Halloween music.  And then they can just run around together and play.  I’m a pretty nice person and I like making friends (and now I sound like a 7th grader too.)  So I went in determined. I walked right into the circle of moms that I recognized and introduced myself and tried to have a conversation.  The first thing one of the women said to me was “I recognize that costume. It looked really cute in the catalog.”  It was the snottiest tone I’ve heard in a while.  Really lady?  I looked around and their kids all had handmade costumes.   Ok, strike one.  Must make your own costume.  Which I would have preferred to do anyway had I more time.  I guess that whole job thing got in the way again. After another minute of awkward talk I made my escape.  But then I went to plan B.  I sent my husband in.  I must say he’s pretty cute and he’s even cuter with Ava so I thought maybe he would have more luck.  He lasted about 45 seconds they were so unfriendly.  So I gave up.

We hung out with the neighbors that actually like us and had a good time anyway.  And Ava looked awesome in her catalog costume.

So now I’m wondering how common this is.  My neighbor is super nice and her kids are great, but she’s had the same experience and she’s a stay at home mom too.  So that can’t be the whole issue.  Do mean girls turn into alpha moms?  I wonder what they’re putting together for the neighborhood holiday party?


2 Responses to “So you agree, you think you’re pretty?”

  1. Renee Mason November 2, 2011 at 9:12 pm #

    Oh goodness, poor you. I can’t imagine how awkward and awful that would be. It’s not like the cinema where you can get up and change seats. I think mommy needs an entire case of pinot..stat! You have my sympathy, for what it’s worth. Take heart; I’m sure karma will step in and bite them all in the butt eventually!

    • Mommy Needs A Pinot November 3, 2011 at 2:21 pm #

      Thank you! They didn’t even say hello when they came trick-or-treating on Monday night. They just kind of ushered their kids in and out. Next year they get the cheap candy. Take that!

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