I’m baaaaaaaaacck

29 Oct

Been a long time folks.  I guess I lost my motivation.  And my mind a little bit.  A recap of the last  few months:  I got married.  It was awesome.  I got meningitis and wound up in the hospital and stuck at home recovering for weeks.  It was not awesome.  I went to Barbados and swam with turtles, saw snails the size of my foot and saw some scary things too:

Other than that bug, it was awesome as well.  The people of Barbados are truly lovely.  Then I came back and threw my organization’s 10th anniversary event.  It went amazingly well and we had close to 400 people in attendance.  But I’m glad it’s over.  Now I can breathe a bit again.  Life has been slightly insane.

So, up to date.  Ava and I have been busy crafting and getting ready for Halloween. Tomorrow is her Halloween “parade,”  in which my friend next door and I face off against the mom clique. Yes, they exist.  More on that Monday.  I’ve decided to try make this blog  more personal now that I’m getting back in the swing of things.  I am also currently obsessed with both Pinterest and The Game of Thrones books.   Lots more on those things to come I’m afraid.

What I’m loving this week:

Welcome back, me.


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