What I’m loving this week: Foxy Shazam!

18 Apr

It’s like the Lord above has been reading my blogs and answered my prayers for a new rockstar to fall in love with.  Or, my friend Sean discovered this band and passed it along.  Either way, I’m pretty excited.  As you may know from previous blogs…  or love a certain kind of rocker.  I love a strong vocal and a heavy dose of theatrics.  Inspirational lyrics and use of adorable children doesn’t hurt either.

Lead singer Eric Nally has clearly invoked the spirit of Freddie Mercury (minus Freddie’s huge chompers luckily) but still has a unique sound of his own.  And the name Foxy Shazam just makes me giggle.  And then kick my leg in the air.  If anyone needs me, I will now be waiting patiently for them to come to town.

’cause there is always a wrong to your right
and there will always be a war somewhere to fight
and god knows i’ve had some rough fucking yeahs (ooh)
oh lord, oh lord, keep on keeping on



One Response to “What I’m loving this week: Foxy Shazam!”

  1. Sean April 18, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    You’re welcome.

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