TMZ for KIDZ: Not cool dude.

11 Apr

As if the world isn’t confusing enough for kids, now they have crap like this to read.  I have already banned it from my house and Ava can’t even read yet (Except for dog, ball, nose and eyes…she’s kind of a genius.) I’m so thankful this crap wasn’t around when I was growing up.  I don’t know why its so hard for people to just let kids be kids.  I don’t want Ava comparing herself to celebrities or judging everyone she passes.  I didn’t even know armpit implants existed until I read through this!

Some of my favorite headlines:

Emma Watson: “Swarovski Crystal” Meth is Melting My Face Off!

Shiloh:  I want to be a Man

Hey Girls!  Meet this sexy savant!

I don’t want my kid meeting any sexy savants!  Maybe I’m a little too angry about this.  I was somewhat of a late bloomer and fell closer to the sheltered side.  Maybe I missed some things. Someone tell me, am I wrong here?


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