El Sicko

2 Feb

I know that kids are no stranger to germs.  But no one told me that having a kid would make me sick all the time.  I am on my fourth cold of the season.  I’ve had a flu that left me in bed for three days and another stomach bug as well.  And I still have to get through all of February!  I have never been so sick in my entire life.  I eat fruits and vegetables everyday, I take vitamins, I exercise.  Somehow this seems unfair.  I now have anti-bacterial gel in every room in the house and have taken to spraying lysol constantly to kill germs.  Ava only has four other kids in her daycare, but they are on a never-ending cycle of germs.  One kid gets sick, passes it on to the next and then the next and so on.  And then Ava gets it again and brings it home to us too.  We never seem to get well enough to build up an immunity to anything.

Anyone else have this problem or have suggestions?

I complained to my own mother this morning and she told me to “make sure to wash your hands.”  Uh, thanks mom.


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