Thank heaven for twenty-eleven!

3 Jan

The holidays have come and gone, the weight has piled on with the endless sweets that came my way and I’m ready for the new year.   This year, instead of making resolutions, I’m making good intentions.  It sounds just as good and is a much better way to avoid disappointment.

So here they are.

1) to be the best mom I can be, take meltdowns in stride (that includes adult meltdowns as well) and keep the television to a minimum.  There are some surprisingly cute cartoons on right now!
2) to get so skinny people worry whether or not I’m eating enough.  This is only sort of a joke.
3) to get back into planning my own non-work related events.  At least one.
4) to curb the negative thoughts and hate less.  This is difficult, considering the amount of stupidity that finds me.  But I’m going to make a valiant effort.  Even with Ke$ha in the world.
5) to clean out all of my closets and keep them clean.  Which means selling things on ebay but not turning around to purchase things on ebay.
6) to allow myself two reality show guilty pleasures.  I really don’t need to follow ALL of the housewives, do I?  This would probably contribute to intention number four.

Happy New Year everyone.


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