Never underestimate the power of editing

23 Sep

Anyone catch Jon Stewart on Bill O’Reilly?  Here’s what really happened.  Some of you may have thought that Jon Stewart held back.  He did, thanks to the editors over at Fox.

Fox actually put the unedited version of the interview up on its site, and the difference is astounding.

I love Jon Stewart as much as I dislike Bill O’Reilly.

“I know what this is. I come from Jersey—it’s the same thing: “I’m not saying your mother’s a whore. I’m just saying she has sex for money. With people.” Fox News used to be all about, you don’t criticize a president during wartime. It’s unacceptable, it’s treasonous, it gives aid and comfort to the enemy. All of a sudden, for some reason you can run out there and say, “Barack Obama is destroying the fabric of this country.”


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