Let’s get down to business. Gaga business.

3 Aug

Time to get serious here people.  I have 35 days until the Lady Gaga concert.  Wtf am I going to wear?  It’s got to be good and I need to figure it out soon so I have time to make the costume.  God knows I’m not going to a Lady Gaga concert without getting dressed up.  One thing is for sure though, leotards are out.  I would also prefer to not look like a giant skank when I leave the house.  So that cuts a lot of her outfits out.  Pretty sure that was never a problem for my dear old mom.  So here are my top three looks that I am using as inspiration.  Comments and suggestions as to my direction are welcome.  I better learn origami, stat.

I’m fairly certain the night is going to be epic.  Not to mention that its taking place on my birthday.  Happy birthday mommy, time for pinot!


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