Where were you five years ago when I needed you iPhone?

10 Jun

I’m sure everyone familiar with the dating scene could have used this at one point or another.  There’s nothing worse than a bad date.  I can recall several occasions when I had to excuse myself to the bathroom to call a girlfriend and beg them to stop what they were doing and call me back in 10 minutes with an “emergency.”  That probably sounds pretty bitchy, but you weren’t there, so you can’t judge!

The iphone has an app that actually allows you to customize fake calls to get you out awkward situations.  And it only costs .99 cents!  That’s right.  One dollar to spare your evening.  So you’ll have enough cash leftover to pay the cab driver that rescues you.  And you can even customize the caller’s name and number and set up a picture for it.  “Oh, hey mom.  WHAT?  I’ll be right there!” And you can program it in advance if you want it to call at a certain time.

The app was created by a start-up company called Magic Tap and they will donate 10% of their earnings to several unspecified charities.  How awesome is that?

I think I just spammed my own blog.  I sound like a salesperson.  The best part?  I don’t even own an iPhone.  But seriously, good idea people.  Could have been featured on a Sex and the City episode had the time been right.


One Response to “Where were you five years ago when I needed you iPhone?”

  1. Rhi June 16, 2010 at 4:58 pm #

    We used this one night when we went out with a new group and put “C list” celebrities into our phone with pictures. Katie Holmes not believable, but the second string quarterback for the Patriots with a good enough story – believeable.

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