Dos gyros?

7 May

There’s this greek place up the street from my office and it’s beyond delicious.  But the place is literally a walkway, so the line is always out of the building.  They move pretty quickly fortunately, but you still have to wait a few minutes inside and there’s always accidental butt grazing or something equally awkward as you smoosh yourself against the wall to let people by while you wait for your food.  But it’s so delicious that it’s still totally worth it.  Which is why there are still lines outside of the building I suppose.

But my real issue, which is why I have only been there a few times, is that I am actually a little afraid of the man taking orders.  He’s the D.C. soup nazi.  Anywhere else and I would walk in and just order a gyro and be done with it.  But you have to pronounce it the proper way, or he chews you out in front of everyone.  I decided to make the trip today and a guy a few people ahead of me in line ordered his Youvetsi  wrong and: “You want a what?!  NO.  YOU WANT THE YOUVETSI.”  I was so nervous when it was my turn that I didn’t even get what I wanted.


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