Maturity is my middle name

29 Apr

I knew today was going to be a good day.

So I talk about my best friends all the time.  And there’s one in particular.  I’m just going to call her M.  And my friend at work calls her the Fight Club because no one has ever met her.  So this afternoon we started prank calling her.  Makes sense, right?  You don’t know this person, so let’s see how much we can irritate her.  Not sure how we actually came to it, but somehow proving that she is real became prank calling her.  But it’s hilarious and distracting us from our work day, so who cares?  We’ve also been thinking about pranking the new kid at work and figured we could kill two birds with one stone.  We’ve now called M seven times and hung up on her.  She finally called back and we transferred it to the new kid only to look up and see him coming back from the bathroom.  So we missed him.  But because M is amazing, she left him a voicemail although it’s clearly his name and not mine.  That’s right, she knows my work number.  So it’s not even really prank calling.  We’re really just be annoying.  But we keep doing it anyway.   I can’t wait for her to call back again so I can pretend I can’t hear her.  “hello?  hello?”  And then I’m transferring her to the new kid.

Seriously, this is the highlight of my day.

*Note*  I’ve seen this girl prank call with the best of them in her day, so she’s really got it coming anyway.


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