Booze Cruise

22 Apr

So a few weeks ago I received a $10 check from Blue Moon.  I couldn’t figure out why, but didn’t really give it another thought.  Other than “awesome,” obviously.  I threw it on a table and forgot about it.  But then I got another check from Coors.  I don’t think I’ve ever purchased Coors in my entire life.  And yesterday I got one from Miller Lite.  I thought maybe my crazy grandfather had signed me up for beer rebates (which is a story in itself,) but he says its not him.  I’m wondering if I won a contest or something.  Except I can’t remember entering anything.

Is my past life catching up with me…in a good way?  Am I being awarded by the beer Gods?  Because they certainly owe me.  If I got a even a 10th back of what I spent at bars in my early 20s I’d pack up and take cruise.

Also, today is Earth Day.  I recycle my pinot bottles.  You should too.


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